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Willy Moon


◑ Management: James Oldham –
◑ UK press enquiries: Toast PR –
◑ US press enquiries: Press Here –
◑ International press enquiries:
◑ US Agent: Marty Diamond –
◑ UK/ROW Agent: Alex Hardee –

  1. Tim Potts says: April 6, 20121:48 am

    any plans to tour The States??

    • willyMoon says: April 6, 201212:30 pm

      All in good time!

  2. Craig says: April 23, 201212:03 am

    When will we be seeing you in Glasgow? :)

  3. Alice says: April 30, 20129:20 am

    WILLY MOON, I’m such a big fan!!!!

  4. [...] You can catch him this weekend at Camden Crawl. For more tour dates, click here! [...]

  5. Alex says: May 3, 20123:27 pm

    Please come to canada :)

  6. Ivana P says: May 4, 20128:11 am

    you’re coming to ljubljana (slovenia) in june, right?
    cause there’s no date for that…

  7. Emily New says: June 3, 20125:15 pm

    Would you mind swinging down to the states for some Georgia? I’ll bake you some cookies:)

  8. Jan says: June 16, 20122:21 pm

    you should really come to Slovenia and have your own concert, you were amazing at UF! and I would love to see you again!

  9. jeremy says: September 15, 20122:09 am

    found out about you via Billy Reid – can’t WAIT for a us tour. if you ever need design work, typography , posters, etc please give me a look!

  10. stephaepha says: September 17, 20126:05 am

    come to germany please. we are much happiness for willy moon. thank you.

  11. Paul Peppiate says: October 18, 20128:10 pm

    Woohoo – just seen Willy is supporting Jack White at Bridlington – it sort of doesn’t get any better than that!

  12. Jack Byerley says: November 6, 20128:46 pm

    Come to Newcastle!

  13. John says: November 9, 201210:52 am

    Jack White gig last night at Usher Hall was superb. Hope to see you back in Edinburgh soon. I’m off to download all the Willy Moon I can find – consider me a new fan.

  14. Kenia says: November 10, 20126:03 pm

    Come to Montreal !! Please..

  15. Seb says: November 22, 201210:02 am

    any plans for Switzerland?

  16. Ka says: November 25, 20129:58 pm

    I know it’s a long shot, but how about Stoke?

  17. Kat says: December 2, 20126:11 pm

    You are one of the most interesting men i’ve ever seen. Please come to Kansas City. Your music is phantasmagorical. I love it! As a musician myself, i have extreme appreciation of your determination towards success in the music business. I hope to see you touring near my town one day.
    Much love.

  18. Gisele says: December 8, 20125:37 pm

    Willy Moon!
    I just saw you december 6th in new york!!
    i was the girl right in front, haha you signed my arm! and totally turned me on to your music! thanks for being so cool! aint no one can bop your style! me and my friends are leaving work tonight and going to try to catch you in brooklyn! truly amazed by your music cause it moves people.
    <3 Gisele

  19. Ppeter says: December 12, 20127:33 pm

    Please come Hungary , you are the best, i know!

  20. Percy Covitz says: December 23, 20124:33 pm

    Why no Irish date on the tour. Mighty upset about that

  21. Mary Schulte says: January 28, 20136:57 pm

  22. [...] America is waxing, not waning. I assure you of this and recommend you take advantage of his ongoing tour of the US and Europe1. Moon is riding a wave of success that began last year, consisting of hit singles, a well-crafted [...]

  23. Rodney Logsdon says: February 15, 20135:06 am

    When are you going to be headed towards Seattle and Portland ?

  24. David says: February 18, 20131:42 am

    Please, please come back to Detroit on a weekend and not a Monday so I can attend.

  25. Zach McIntyre says: February 25, 20135:34 am

    Come to the United States and hit up Fort Wayne Indiana! There’s a nice place you can play called the Embassy Theater. I assure you it would fill. People here love concerts at the Embassy. Please!

  26. Jake Feldman says: June 5, 20139:57 pm

    WILLY FUCKING MOON!!!!! I was just at his concert at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, and it rocked!!!! I was in the front, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Willy please come back to LA!!!!

  27. edward challinor says: June 25, 20139:18 am

    hey willy moon have u got any plans to play in liverpool in the echo arena me and my sister who im sure u remember well elizabeth challinor A.K.A @m0sshart want to see u live

  28. cathrin says: July 24, 20136:35 pm

    PLEASE COME TO LATVIA AGAIN! biggest fan!!!!

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