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  1. Buddy, Sinatra, Buble, All great, but this – this is new and sick! I want to go to some old school club now with waiters in penguin suits and drink a martini sliding hundred dollar bills to gangstas with fedoras and grills.

  2. Love the song! It’s brilliantly written and performed. Brings back the roots of Rock-n-Roll which people seem to have forgotten about. Hope you reach millions of people with your music and if there is anything that we at Magazine 33 can do, please let me know. We can do an interview with you via e-mail and post a featured article including your music and photos?? I’m pen to suggestions and best of luck!

  3. I love, love, love your first tunes (and the wonderfully sophisticated videos) uploaded to YouTube–especially (of course) “I Wanna Be Your Man.” But I’m not very keen on the Drop the Line Remix I found online. I hope that any expanded version of the song on your first CD will preserve all the fun and verve of the original version, and not just do my head in with some sort of totally unrelated house-music version or whatever. Thanks for your excellent work so far!

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